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The Czech government has approved minimum defense spending of 2% of GDP


The rules for the financing of large strategic projects that last several years, have a fundamental impact on the state's defense capability and count on a budget of over 300 million crowns will also be fundamentally changed. The government will decide on these projects.

The change compared to the current practice will consist in the fact that the Department of Defense will have a total sum of funds for strategic projects each year, which it will be able to use more easily for individual projects. Thanks to this, stable financing will be ensured, the stability of the projects as such will also be reduced, and the administration and supervision of the government will ensure the necessary public control and transparency.

The new legislation will also make it possible to identify defense expenditures in other departments in more detail and include them in the mentioned two percent. The Ministry of Defense is already mapping projects in other departments that meet the definition of defense spending, but there is still no clear legislative basis for their inclusion in defense spending, which is brought about by the proposed change in legislation. When the rules come into force, departments will have to report their defense spending three years in advance to the Ministry of Defense, which will include it in the defense budget.