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Future Air Force Panel - New Generation Aircraft 2022


The Czech Air Force is due to replace its current fleet of the JAS-39 Gripen soon. This constitutes a similar challenge as was the replacement of the Soviet-made MIG aircraft 20 years ago. However, exponential technological development and unpredictability of current and future battlefield make this task increasingly difficult and ever-more complex. This complexity is, for example, well reflected in terminology as we now use the term Air Combat System, rather than aircraft.

Velitelství Vzdušných sil AČR

The Future Air Force Conference - New Generation Aircraft is organised under the auspices of the Czech Air Force Commander MG Petr Mikulenka.

The aim of the Future Air Force Panel – New Generation Aircraft is to address some of these complexities and challenges by focusing in particular on the following areas:
The Future Air Force Panel – New Generation Aircraft will be organized in two separated blocks, but with interconnected topics.

FIRST BLOCK, 28 April 2022

SECOND BLOCK, 20 October 2022

Hotel DAP Prague

PVA EXPO Prague within the Future Forces Exhibition & Forum 2022

The first block will focus on the area of the air power and its role in future joint operation as well as all aspects emerging from the FACS integration into national C4ISTAR system. The second block will focus on training of Air Force personnel and the role of the national defence industry within FACS integration.
More information is available at the Future Air Force - New Generation Aircraft website.