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FFF and MLCC Cancels the Logistics Capability Conference 2020


After careful consideration of the current anti-coronavirus measures including travel restrictions affecting many of the invited or already confirmed speakers and official delegates at the Logistics Capability Conference 2020, planned as a part of the FFF this October in Prague, the organizers from the Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC) and FFF decided not to conduct the Logistics Capability Conference this year.
The international nature of the LCC, ongoing travel restrictions, and collision with postponed exercises and training, made it impossible for us to hold the LCC this time at the expected level of professional international speakers and audience.
However, the other FFF expert panels and Future Forces Exhibition are still being prepared and all LCC delegates are still cordially welcome to participate in the FFF 2020 program and networking as a speakers, audience, or visitors.
All FFF 2020 expert panels and exhibition are free of charge for all participants registered online. The online registration will be launched during September. Please follow our websites, social channels or sign up for our newsletter to stay updated about the upcoming events.
Information about cancellation of the Logistics Capability Conference 2020