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Fitness Containers MilFit Gym® at Future Forces Exhibition 2020


MilFit Gym® fitness container to be for the first time presented within the Future Forces Exhibition on 21 - 23 October. Visit the exposition of ORIGINALWORKOUT.EU in Hall 4 and try it yourselves as a live demo.

The name already says that it must be a fitness product that was primarily developed for the military (MilFit container, Military Fitness container). Our MilFit containers also use other authorities of the emergency and security service, e.g. B. fire brigade, police, but also fitness center in their outdoor areas. Our fitness containers are designed so that exercisers can train the maximum number of body parts. You combine different elements such as T-bars, plyo desks, pegboards, punching bag holders, gymnastics rings, sling trainers, ropes and other optional features to make the construction as user-friendly as possible. They are primarily designed for use outdoors by the Bundeswehr, NATO, the United Nations, the US military and fitness centers.
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Contact Person: Mr Jan Bejdák
+420 725 605 385